Coco and charcoal

It was just after the new year had hit and we thought a trip to somewhere healthy was in order. As we love Instagram for finding new restaurants we had come across a hidden away little place that serves coco soft-whip, goji and other delights. This place is located on the Gold Coast, Australia in Clear Island Waters. Goji Granola Bar and Cafe is tucked away in a quiet neighbourhood with easy parking and access by car.

We set out as a group of four. One member decided to order the fruit toast and marmalade, while the rest of us went for poached eggs on toast with avocado.

Fruit toast with marmalade

The toast was a real hit! It was full of fruit and toasted to perfection. The marmalade was tangy and tasted of fresh oranges making us think of our visited to the market where we can purchase fresh oranges.

Fruit toast tasted great with the butter (we don’t usually eat butter)

Three of us opted for the eggs. We ordered two serves – one for our male friend and one for us to share.It came with two eggs, perfectly poached and two slices of toast.

Poached egg and avocado on sourdough
Egg cooked perfectly for our taste

This place is known for its smoothie goji bowls served with homemade granola. We went for the coco soft-whip i the duo of vanilla and charcoal. Apparently charcoal is good for hangovers.

The grand finale – coco soft – vanilla and charcoal


Visited: 2 January 2017

Cost: $64 for four people and a holiday loading

Verdict: We enjoyed the food and the coco soft. The coffee was good but not as strong as we like.



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