The Garden for a breakfast fix

Are you ever disappointed in the customer service you get at restaurants? We were excited to come to The Garden to celebrate a few achievements – any excuse but we did have things to celebrate. We had read about breakfast at the Garden as being pretty good.

Some flower arrangements in the Garden

We had a booking but we’ve got to say on arrival the greeting was cold; the girl didn’t seem to want to be welcoming customers. All three of us just felt our heart sink as poor service can kill the joy of eating out. The table service was average and we started to regret our decision to come here and wished we went elsewhere. One redeeming moment was a very  pleasant and helpful wait staff member, Victor who delivered our meals. He had a very nice service attitude.

Overall, the food was good.  Coffee was acceptable but a bit weak for our taste. We wouldn’t rush back for it. The food was good.

Coffee was a bit weak but okay
Eggs Benny with Salmon for us to share
Eggs Benny with Ham for our meat eating friend

When our eggs arrived we decided to add pepper only to find it totally empty. One of the waiter’s (not Victor) took our empty one and placed it on another table and gave us a full one. Gave us a laugh as we thought the next people will be calling the wait staff again.

The eggs tasted good so not all was lost and we did enjoy the Bennys.

Eggs after adding pepper and cutting them loose!

We also ordered a waffle and it was very tasty. We shared it between three and it was ample.

Yummy waffles

We love some of the other restaurants at this venue (it’s a large hotel and casino) but this time we felt more let down that excited by the experience.  Maybe we are a bit fussy about service but we are paying customers after all!!

We headed off and had another coffee across the road at No Name Lane – a great coffee place with reliable customer service.

A great little soy piccolo from No Name Lane

Visited 20 November 2016; the eggs were great; coffee was a bit weak.

Final assessment: we wouldn’t rush back.

Cost for three $66


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