Just what the Dr needed!

We had something to celebrate, so we decided to head back to one of our favourite Gold Coast restaurants. Can you guess what we were celebrating? One of us is now Dr Wei after working for the past few years on a PhD thesis into customer experience and food events. So, it was fitting to head out for a wonderful meal to celebrate this life achievement. Perhaps we should have had champagne but being a bit of health nuts we opted for lemon lime and bitters – ha ha.

Lemon, Lime and Bitters

When we eat out we really value the opportunity to eat food that not only tastes great but looks good.  So we headed for Kiyomi, a Japanese restaurant located in Broadbeach Queensland.

The meal we ate lived up to our expectations with lots of beautiful looking and wonderful tasting dishes shared between the three of us. We started with some appetising warm beans, which were juicy and flavoursome with a touch pf chilli.

Edamame and chilli

Never want to miss out on some wasabi or ginger we heaped it on to various sashimi dishes.

Can’t resist a little wasabi and pickled ginger

Then we turned our attention to some delectable kingfish, which was super fresh, soft and really tasty.

Kingfish sashimi

One of our weaknesses, when it comes to menus of an Asian kind, is soft shell crab. If it’s on the menu then we are predictable and order it. This one was very nice with a light batter. Perhaps not the best ever soft shell we have had but pretty good.

Softshell tempura

We’ve been to this restaurant before and fell in love with the silky tofu dish so we could not resist returning to this gorgeous meal. The tofu is so very silky with a lovely coating and accompanied  with mushrooms.  The mushrooms are the very tasty Asian style ones.  This dish remains one of our all time favourites and will be having it again when we head back to this restaurant.

Tofu and mushrooms – wow, loved it

We are also in love with the crispy rice topped with spicy tuna. This dish goes really well with the wasabi.  There is something about the crispy rice and the way it contrasts with the soft tuna that makes this a dish we want to order again and again.

Crispy rice and tuna – yum

The next dish that we were sharing is one that creates some theatre at the table. A platter of sashimi  is brought to the table and dry ice is used to create a beautiful white cloud that surrounds the lovely array of raw fish.

Selection of sashimi

We tried something that we had not experienced previously. And it was surprisingly good, buckwheat noodles mixed with various salad type vegetables such as tomatoes and avocado provided a refreshing meal for us to share.

Special noodle salad was a hit

On the evening that we went for dinner there were some prawns that were served from the barbecue and the general consensus was that these were pretty spicy and pretty yummy.

Prawns with a spicy dressing

For the grand finale  we selected the green matcha and white chocolate lava cake, which is truly delectable. When you cut this one open it oozes the green coloured chocolate tasting filling. Lucky we were sharing between three so as we didn’t have to feel too guilty about this wonderful dessert.

All time favourite or matcha and white chocolate lava dessert

This meal lived up to our expectations and Kiyomi remains one of our ‘go to’ restaurants for reliable modern Japanese food and good service. Just what the Dr needed.

Cost for three people sharing $240 including two soft drinks, two beers and two wines.

Visited 22 November 2016


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