Tetsuaki Japanese Cuisine

Our friend June had a nice meal at Tetsuaki Japanese Cuisine, Paradise Point and shared some photos on Facebook, which looked pretty nice. So we decided to check it out for the duty of being food bloggers.

It was a chilly night. It took us about 35 minutes driving from Bundall to Paradise Point. Lots of red lights along the way! The traffic system in Gold Coast really needs some improvement asap we reckon.

The menu includes a lot of dishes.

Asahi beer
Asahi beer – when you go to Japan do as the Japanese!
Cute serviette
Cute serviette – Kimono

After scanning the menu for a while, we decided to order 3 entrees to start with. We ordered tempura prawns, vegetarian gyoza and miso eggplant.

Tempura prawns
Tempura prawns
Untraditional looking miso eggplant
Nontraditional looking miso eggplant
Closeup of the eggplant
Vegetarian gyoza
Vegetarian gyoza

The tempura prawns were really nice: very fresh, very tender and very crispy. We loved it! The vegetarian gyoza were excellent as well, particularly the stuffing was so juicy and yummy. The miso eggplant was a little bit disappointing as it was not well cooked and not very tasty. But the interesting thing was if you put the eggplant into the special sauce on the side, which was with some barbecue falvour, it made the eggplant more tasty.

We then ordered 2 mains. Our meat eater ordered crumbed beef fillet slices. We ordered the teriyaki salmon.

Crumbled beef fillet slices
Teriyaki salmon

The beef dish was very very good.

Closeup of the beef slices
Closeup of the beef slices

For the salmon we thought it was a bit over cooked. After the big meal we were very indecisive whether we should go for the dessert. But we were intrigued by the ice cream. There are 2 flavours you can choose: black sesame and green tea. We decided to go for one each and we didn’t regret our decision. They were very yummy and more importantly very picturesque.

Dessert – 2 flavours ice cream

In total the meal cost $70 for 3 persons. We would like to recommend this restaurant to our friends.


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