Why you should never put your passport in the washing machine

It all started with the dream of going to USA for a social media conference. Life is complicated and getting a visa to US for Wei is not so simple. But, to make the most of getting a visa we went from Gold Coast to Sydney – that is where the US visa office is located. But, of course we had to factor in some food!

Breakfast winner: homemade spicy beans
Breakfast winner: homemade spicy beans – The Fine Food Store, The Rocks
Jade prawn dumplings
Dumpling winner: Jade prawn dumplings – Lotus, The Galeries
Fish and prawn tacos
Taco winner: Fish and prawn tacos – Beach Burrito Company, Bondi Beach
Dessert winner: Soft serve sundae

On the designated day Wei went to the visa office and waited for two hours. When her number came up the official told her that her passport now up to it and he said “I am not going o our US stamp on this”. How devastating! So we went back to GC and Wei started the process of applying for a new Chinese passport.

Next, it was off to Brisbane to the Chinese consulate – Wei had an appointment and we planned a fun day. Uh oh, the office was closed! Not to be deterred we went for Yum Cha at New Shanghai, Brisbane CBD.

Pan fried crab meat buns
Spring rolls

A week later we went back and it wasn’t all clear sailing: the photos Wei had were not up to standard. Off to a shop to get new ones. Then lodged the passport. Off for coffee.

Three weeks later we went back to get the passport and sent it to Sydney.We went Cafe Noma to celebrate as we flowed hem on Instagram.

Meeting new friend - Cecil at Cafe Noma
Meeting new friend – Cecil at Cafe Noma

A few weeks later the passport and visa is in hand Wei is ready to gt to US. Off we go and arrive in April 2016 no problem. Lots of nice meals.

Best plant based meal at LA
Best plant based meal at LA – Mathew Kenney
Best gelato from GelatoParadiso
Best gelato from Gelato Paradiso, San Diego
Best calamari from Roy's Marriott San Diego
Best calamari from Roy’s Marriott San Diego

When it comes time to leave it didn’t look good for Wei. They didn’t want to let her out of the country because they didn’t have a number for entry to Australia.

Think tear, think stress, think OMG, think F bomb, think heart attack and you might approach the feelings we are experiencing. But, happy ending she got a boarding pass. We bought chips to reduce the stress.

Cheer up with CHIPS!
Cheer up with CHIPS!

So, now you know not to put your own passport in the wash.

Do you have any funny travel stories? Please share in the comments.


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