Why you should NOT drink coffee at LAX

Wow what a day. We can tell you there have been many ups and many downs on this day. Perhaps a few more downs than ups.

It all started with a cup of coffee. We left the hotel at 8 AM in plenty of time for a 10:30 AM flight. At 9:25 AM we made our way to the departure gate or actually to the shuffle point. After asking could we get a coffee across at the boarding gate we were told “you’ve got plenty of time, go upstairs and get yourself a coffee”.

So we did. That was our first big mistake.

We got our coffee, a huge cup, a very hot cup and sat down to enjoy it.

A happy moment getting ready to fly to San Diego

After a while we thought we better make our way to the gate but here’s our second big mistake – we went to the restroom. Then off to catch the shuttle. It’s now 10AM.
We are informed that we have just missed the shuttle and it’s likely we just missed our flight. You can imagine the sinking feeling in our stomach. We pleaded with the ground staff to at least let us go on the shuttle to the external gate hub to see if we could catch the flight. We went on the shuttle with fingers crossed hoping we could catch a flight. We ran at high speed (imagine two mad women, hair flying, clutching our handbags) to gate 44G. We handed our boarding pass to a staff member who scanned it, only to inform us that “you’re at the wrong gate. Your flight has already left.”

We really wanted to cry.

After catching the shuttle back to the main hub we have to talk to a new ground staff member. She was so nice to us that our tears evaporated and a smile appeared on our face. She booked us on another flight for the afternoon. At least we were still going to get to San Diego.

Trying to make the most of it, we went to a little Mexican food truck and ordered a fish taco.

Fish Taco
This taco was pretty good

Arriving in San Diego we headed to the hotel, had a bit of a walk around, a coffee at a local place, and then back for a light dinner at Roy’s.

Happy bloggers are wearing the happy pants now!
Happy bloggers are wearing the happy pants now!
Happy pants!
Happy pants!


Lobster bisque
Delicious Thai flavours in the bisque

We can tell you that not every day is good but there is good in every day. That is our motto! We managed to keep smiling even through the tears.


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