Grand Central Market, LA and a visit to Santa Monica

Arriving off our flight from Australia and landing at 6 AM, we had to
manage to stay awake for the whole day so we thought we should take the opportunity to explore a little bit of downtown LA.

Selfie before boarding
Selfie before boarding
Stay happy after 14 hrs flight
Stay happy after 14 hrs flight

After a long walk, a long bus ride, and a long train ride we finally arrived downtown on a mission to find Grand Central Market. We had read a brief reference about grand central market in an article written by Chef Neil Perry when we were on the Qantas flight. Since it sounded interesting and we were in need of some lunch we thought we would make our way there.

A cornor at the market
Another cornor at the market

Once we arrived the place was absolutely buzzing. We walked around looking at all the different food outlets and examining which ones have long queues. We decided by far the most popular was a place with a pretty unusual name called Eggslut. The queue stretched right around the food stall out into the street that must’ve been at least 30 or 40 people lined up waiting to place an order. They seem to focus mainly on egg products, especially an egg burger done with bacon and cheese – that seemed to be the thing that most people were buying.

Quirky Place serving eggs!

Not being meat eaters we had to pass this one up and go in search for something else. After wandering around for half an hour or so we settled on a Ramen noodle place. Ramen Hood offers vegan dishes, and we went for the spicy chilli and mushroom Ramen noodle soup dish. It was really delicious very tasty with a little bit of Nori seafood on the side.

Ramen place at the market
Packed Ramen place
Tasty Ramen

We struck up a bit of a conversation with our neighbour who was
sitting next to us at the bar. It was very pleasant to have the
opportunity to talk to someone from LA and get some inside gossip
especially on the interesting politics at present. She came from Santa Monica so next we decided to head on out to her neighbourhood and do a bit of shopping . We did a little bit of shopping purchased a few gifts and then headed
down for a later afternoon snack at a Mexican bar.

Mexican nachos for dinner

That pretty much finished off the day before the long walk home to our hotel. All up we managed to walk 14 kms eat a couple of meals, do a bit of shopping, and have a lot of laughs – it was a great day despite the fact that we were super, super tired.


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