Bam Bam Bakehouse

We were excited to try this place out. The outlook to the park is great and the overall vibe of the cafe is lovely. We also like the sister cafe Paddock. Three of us went for Sunday lunch.

The wait was fairly long ( a bit longer than the 20 minutes we were told) – about 45 minutes. The food was okay but not stunning – we had the eggs benny with smoked trout and a smoked fish with egg. Turns out our breakfasts were similar (that’s our fault entirely!!). Our photos are a bit ordinary as our camera is being repaired 😦  Still, you get the idea.

Smoked fish with poached egg
Egg benny
Egg benny
Closeup of egg benny
Closeup of egg benny

We also had coffee and a chai tea. The coffee was good but the chai was a bit average. Mainly because it was a little on the lukewarm side.

All three of use felt the service was in need of some improvement. We waited at the ‘wait here to be seated’ sign for a few minutes but no-one came. Eventually one of us went in to ask would anyone be coming to seat us and we got an unfriendly yes, just wait. We were offered water once at the table but it never arrived. We had a laugh that two staff members went off to lunch in the park (looked like a great place to take your lunch!) while we sat and waited for ours to arrive.

Maybe it’s teething problems but based on our first experience we were a bit on the disappointed side. The person taking the orders behind the counter was efficient and pleasant.

In sum, great location for a sunny day, potentially good menu and moderate to low service (especially floor staff and the welcome). The coffee was good. Would we go back?  Probably we would give it another go but with so many good cafes popping up it might be a while.


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