Miami Rice, Miami, Gold Coast

A colleague of ours recommended Miami Rice to us. When we checked this place online, we found out that it has been rated as one of the hottest Asian eats in a recent review (see Review published by More Gold Coast). So we decided to have a meal there and see if it meets all our expectations!

We went there on a Thursday evening and the restaurant was almost full (lucky we booked!). Once we arrived, we received a very friendly and warm welcome. Our table was right next to the garden, so very pleasant on a breezy summer night.

There were 3 dishes on the specials dinner menu that night: Moreton Bay bug, salt & pepper sole fish and Buddha fried rice with goji berries. All sounds very yummy. When we were reading the menu and trying to decide what veggie dish we would order, the owner Mr Yep came to take the order. He highly recommended everything on the special menu and also helped us to decide that we could try the beancurd with shiitake mushrooms hot pot as veggie dish. We order all 4 dishes as recommended (seemed the right amount since there were four of us dining).

The Moreton Bay bug was everyone’s favourite! So delicious! In particular, everyone seemed to like to sauce on top of the bug. It was sweet and sour chilli sauce mixed with chopped onion, spring onion, garlic and some herbs. Mr Yep served us the bug himself and even taught us a lesson on how to eat the bug in a more elegant way – is that even possible?. Thank you very much Mr Yep!

Moreton Bay bug

The salt and pepper fish was also delicious and very generous. Interestingly it was deboned and served on the fish ‘carcass’ – it’s hard to describe but the fish meat had been removed and cooked separately then placed back on the fish minus its flesh!

Salt & pepper sole fish
Fish meat
We finished the whole fish!
Buddha fried rice
Fried rice
Goji berry in the rice
Bean curd with shiitake mushrooms hot pot


My Yep offered us some chilli sauce from the kitchen.  It is homemade on the premises and tasted fabulous. Not too spicy but enough zing to satisfy most people.

Homemade chilli paste, Yummo!

Just for some fun we played around with some fortune cookies. The messages were fairly bizarre and gave us a good laugh to finish off our meal.


We recommend a visit.

In total, we spent $105 for all 4 dishes plus 2 lemon lime bitters.


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  1. Jessica Lim says:

    I always see this place but have never went in. Have been looking for a good restaurant that serves Asian food so will have to try! Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ourfoodlens says:

      We are so happy that our recommendation is helpful! 🙂

      We have also reviewed some other Asian restaurants on the coast. You can go and have a look if you like!



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