Groovy Palm Beach for a taste of pavlova

It’s “P” cake time!

P Cake from Providore and visit to Palm Beach.  We are getting through the alphabet and we are already up to the letter P.

We set out in search of some pavlova or something with pistachio. We went to Providore at Ferry Road market. We selected our cakes which turned out to be really lovely.

Pistachio cake at Palm Beach

It was a super windy day and Wei nearly got blown out to sea!!

Blown away by the P cake fun

We had a fun day but our experience buying the cakes made us reflect on the importance of customer service. We were highly disappointed with the service at Providore when we were trying to buy our cakes, which is so unlike the other Providore stores that we often frequent. For some reason the service person just didn’t want o serve us and seemed very impatient with customers. What a difference a good service person can make to your day!  Next time we will go somewhere else and hope for more pleasant interactions.


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