Mamasan Kitchen & Bar, Broadbeach, Gold Coast

Mamasan Kitchen & Bar just opened in 2015 and is located in “The Oracle” Broadbeach, Gold Coast. We have been attracted to this venue by its modern Asian fusion menu since its opening. Their menu focuses on share plates, which is a very popular trend and includes cuisines influences from China, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. Finally we got the chance to have meal here – for our early Christmas celebration!

We were in a group of 3 and made our booking 3 days before the dinner date. We were greeted by a super friendly French waitress and seated quickly. The biggest surprise was (actor Shane Jacobson) was seating right next to our table. He was alone and enjoying a glass of wine. Some staff were so excited and asked for selfies which we should have asked as well! Next time!

We started our meal with king fish sashimi, sweet corn cake and Asian mushroom spring rolls. The sashimi was the best. The fish was so fresh and juicy, plus the ginger pickle on side and pomegranate on top were both adding value elements which made the sashimi even more tasty. The mushroom spring rolls were nice as well. If you are vegetarian, this is a “must” for you. The corn cake was ok but not as tasty as the other two dishes.

King fish sashimi with Nippon vinaigrette, pomegranate and round mint
Asian mushroom spring rolls with house made sweet chilli
Close-up of the spring rolls

After enjoying these beautiful dishes, we gave ourselves a break and started to consider what we should order for the second round. Our French waitress was very helpful. She recommended “Vietnamese papaya salad” which was made by Mooloolaba prawn, green apple, Vietnamese mint and coriander. It sounded very tempting so we decided to try it. Besides the salad, we also ordered the king crab ravioli and panco fried squid. OMG, the salad and the ravioli were so so so yummy! We highly recommend these two dishes if you are a big fan of Asian cuisines.

Vietnamese papaya salad with Mooloolaba prawn, green apple, Vietnamese mint, coriander
King crab ravioli with water chestnut + coconut sambal bisque
Close-up of the ravioli
Panko fried squid

After six dishes, we were actually very full. But for our duty as food bloggers and the festival season (excuse and excuse), we decided we were going to order Mamasan’s signature dessert – Mamasan chocolate brownie.

Mamasan chocolate brownie with toasted sesame ice cream salted caramel fortune cookie
Mamasan chocolate brownie with toasted sesame ice cream salted caramel fortune cookie
Close-up of the brownie
Close-up of the brownie

The brownie was a little on the chocolaty side for the three of us and the salted caramel was very sweet. So if you are not a rich chocolate lover like us, we would recommend that you might consider to try other desserts on the menu, like passion-fruit tart  with Persian floss, mango sorbet, coconut coulis or ginger and lemongrass cheesecake. But, if rich chocolate is your thing then go for it!

In total, we spent around $250 for the whole meal including 4 beers, 4 lemon lime bitters and 1 bottle of sparkling water. We did enjoy our meal and would love to re-visit to try some other interesting dishes in the future.


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