Who can resist the Sydney Opera House?

It’s the letter ‘O’ so we couldn’t resist using the Sydney Opera House for the backdrop. We were in Sydney to learn more about food photography, but not in time to do an special styling for this set of photos.

Magnificent view of the Sydney Opera House from our second visit

Still, we had the drive and passion to find a cake and take a photo down at the Opera House. The weather didn’t really want to cooperate and there was some drizzle around. Not to be deterred we set out to find a cake starting with O.

A drizzly day in Sydney
Harbour bridge in the drizzle
Harbour bridge in the drizzle

It should be a simple task, but as we were a bit rushed it wasn’t quite as easy as we thought. We chose an orange and almond tart.

Here are a few fun photos of us trying to get an O cake photograph on a drizzly day.

Orange & Almond Cake
A shot of the cake with the Opera House
Funny photo
Funny photo of our cake with someone doing selfie nearby 

Next time we are in search of a place starting with P… Better get on to it.

We so admire all you wonderful bloggers out there writing and posting photos – it take time and dedication.  This is just fun for us but we never knew the effort bloggers put in.




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