M Cake

We set out for one of our favourite places: Maleny  in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast. It is about a two-hour drive from the Gold Coast and we had an ulterior  motive for heading up this way on a beautiful Sunday.

It was the Real Food Festival so we thought would take the opportunity to photograph our M cake.  First, when we arrived at Maleny we thought it was time to get a dose of caffeine. So we went for a walk up and down the street looking for a cute little cafe. Lucky for us we found one quite easily and stopped for a soya cappuccino.  The little cafe had a wonderful atmosphere, with cosy couches and lots of books.  We had a lot of fun just flicking through a couple of Jamie Oliver’s cookbooks.

Campos Coffee
Jamie's cookbook
Jamie’s cookbook
A corner at the cafe
A corner at the cafe

Next, it was on to the food festival where we spent a couple of hours having a look around at all the different food stalls, filled with beautiful pickles, jams, chutneys, cheeses –  you name it, and it is likely you could find it at this festival. There were lots of food trucks with really creative people selling wonderful food, coffee and tea.

Flying West coffee
Yummy holumi
Yummy holumi

After spending a little bit of time enjoying the festival we set off to photograph our cake. We settled on a mango muffin and some macadamia biscuits as our so-called M cake.

We found a cute location with some lovely blossoms and some friendly magpies.

Friendly but hungry magpies!

We laid out our cakes and they really was a lot of interest from those magpies so we had to act quick.

Muffin and macadamia biscuits

We took a few photos and then happily devoured our muffin and biscuits before the long drive home after our big day out.



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