L Cake – it’s a good one!

We are excited!  L is such a great letter, especially for Lamington loving Aussies. Those chocolate, coconut covered sponge squares. As kid these were the yummy cakes you got at school fairs and the like.

The beauty of this cake post is that we could perfectly match the cake to a place.  Yep, Lamington National Park.




The Lamington National Park is a truly beautiful forest west of the Gold Coast in Australia. Often referred to as the green behind the gold!  The day was a bit overcast but the rain held off for our photo shoot. Just take a look at these yummy lamingtons set amongst the Australian gums trees at the Binna Burra section of the park.

Enjoying the spoils of our photo shoot

One image of the Australian bush that we love is the grass tree. There were plenty to see at the park.

Grass Tree

There are lodges available at a nature based resort called Binna Burra and we felt we should really give them a go some time 2016 – time to start planning! The resort was established in 1933 and today it still has a homely feel.

Binna Burra Driveway





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