Getting a little bit Italian for the ‘I’ Cake

Funny how hard it can be to find places and cakes starting with a letter. But, of course, with a little bit of brainstorming we did it. We decided on Capri on Via Roma located at Isle of Capri (yes, I for Isle! very creative) on the Gold Coast, Australia. The Isle of Capri is a canal suburb of the Gold Coast developed in the 1950’s. Now, this small island is home to some beautiful houses, parks, and a dining precinct at the Capri on Via Roma. All the streets on this island are named in an Italian way: The Lido; The Corso; Valencia Ave; Naples Ave.

Let's feel a little Italian
Let’s feel a little Italian
Manolas Bros deli
Manolas Bros deli

We decided to have Italian cakes and some delicious and strong iced coffee at Manolas Bros.

Italian pastry
Italian pastry with friends
Italian Tiramasu
Italian Tiramasu

On a hot day what can be better than a strong Italian made iced coffee?  This one lived up to all expectations: it was icy cold, strong expresso, and soy milk.

Iced coffee - made with soy milk
Iced coffee – made with soy milk

After our cake and coffee we headed off for a walk in the park. It is small but peaceful park.

Isle of Capri Park
Isle of Capri Park
View through the trees
Beautiful old fig tree
Beautiful old fig tree

Another pleasant day of cake eating – better get off to the gym now!


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