Groovy little Mr G’s do afternoon tea

Most people have some childhood memory of cute little biscuits in the shape of a man. This week we decided on photographing a gingerbread man. We sought out our gingerbread man (two actually) and set them up with their own little picnic. Inspired by our past friends we named these little cuties “Mr G” (see Egg tart at Evandale post for more on Mr G)

Afternoon tea with Mr G
Our theme this week to match the letter ā€˜Gā€™ is to feature the Gold Coast tram lovingly known as The G. Indeed we found that we were focusing on our gingerbread man and the G when the Prime Minister of Australia visited the Gold Coast and made an announcement to extend the tramline. Our post is a little short this week due to travel demands and time constraints. Hope we can do a better job for our letter H.

Groovy men
Groovy men

Gold Coast G Link   


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