Date biscuits at Duranbah

Finding a cake, slice or biscuit starting with D was harder than anticipated. Perhaps foolishly, we did not cook our own biscuits so we had to seek out some yummy creation starting with D. We went into bakery and asked about date slice only to be told “I haven’t had a request for one of those for years!”. Eventually we found some date biscuits from one of our favourite coffee shop – Canteen Coffee.

We also searched for some donuts but to no avail. So we set off with our date biscuits and fresh dates ready to have some fun. We drove to a little beach location lovingly called Dee-Bah (Duranbah), right on the border of Queensland and New South Wales in Australia.

View of Duranbah
View of Duranbah

The weather wasn’t great so we went for coffee at Cafe DBar and set up our BYO date biscuits on our own blue plate.

Date biscuits
Date biscuits
setting out our biscuits at D Bar
Setting out our biscuits at D Bar

We ordered some coffees and made the best of day.

Coffee at Dee Bah
Affogato at D Bar
D-Bar cafe
Cafe D-Bar

So, after a ‘stressful’ time of searching for ‘D’ cakes, some rain and other things conspiring against us we finally found our groove at beautiful Dee Bah. The date biscuit tasted pretty good too. Happy campers!


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