Brandy Snaps at Burleigh Headland

Continuing with our Passion for Cake project we searched for ideas for the letter B.

How could we not chose Burleigh Heads, Queensland for our B cake? It has to be one of the most beautiful places in Australia.

Burleigh Heads - so beautiful
Burleigh Heads – so beautiful

The day was truly lovely when we visited the locations for our fun photo shoot. Our chosen “cake” this time is Brandy Snaps. These little beauties had the very crisp wafer and the creamiest of cream!

Luscious Brandy Snaps
Luscious Brandy Snaps

There were plenty of people taking the opportunity to catch a wave on this glorious day. You can see why we love Burleigh Heads.

Surfing the waves
Surfing the waves

We topped it all off with a reliably good coffee at Canteen Coffee  (off James Street, Burleigh heads) .

Coffee at Canteen
Coffee at Canteen

What is the most amazing place you have visited?


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