Apple Crumble at Arthur Freeman Lookout

What better way to spend a Sunday than searching for a place that starts with the letter A? Yes, we are on a mission to find a great location to go with Apple Crumble cake. Hope you saw our other post where we said we were setting out to explore places and match these to a cake. Just for fun.

We settled on Arthur Freeman’s look out at the back of Currumbin Valley – right near the New South Wales and Queensland state border.

Arthur Freeman Lookout
Arthur Freeman Lookout

We drove out through some windy and tree-lined roads, frequented by motorbike riders and other like-minded people out for a Sunday drive. We thoroughly enjoyed the lushness of this beautiful Valley. So amazing!

Arthur Freeman’s look out allows you to look straight across to Springbrook escarpment.

Outlook to Springbrook
Outlook to Springbrook

Glorious shades of green some touches of yellow, red flowers and the contrast of a beautiful blue sky is the setting of the day – what more could a girl want?

Glorious colours at Arthur Freeman's Lookout
Glorious colours at Arthur Freeman’s Lookout

We laid out our table and put down our beautiful apple crumble.

Apple Crumble waiting to be consumed
Apple Crumble waiting to be consumed

After consuming our delicious apple crumble we headed back down the road to Arthur Freeman’s organic fruit stall. Live music at the cafe along with beautiful smoothies and an assortment of food and fresh produce. The café was packed with people enjoying the food and the view so we didn’t stay for a meal. We did buy some organic tomatoes and a perfect paw paw.

Organic veggies and cafe
Organic veggies and cafe
Arthur Freeman Organic Veggie stop
Arthur Freeman Organic Veggie stop

It’s a lovely way to spend an afternoon driving out to this picturesque Valley – we highly recommend it. Great fun and discovery. For more details on the location Arthur Freeman Lookout – Currumbin Valley

Do you enjoy a nice weekend drive in the country side?


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