Passion for cake project

We love nature, exploring and getting out and about. We love the beauty of food including cake. This project will take 26 weeks of creative fun. Sharing with you a new cake every week in a location/place that matches its name. Are we going mad? Maybe but what discovery we will have along the way. Here’s a bit about the project

Passion for cake – it’s just a quirky idea

Passionfruit cake

This quirky idea is for our blog and is in honour of cake! Our plan is to take a photo of a cake or a slice in a different location each week and cover every letter of the alphabet (Apple cake, Carrot cake).

But there’s more… We want to match our cake name to a place or something special. Think, banana cake in Brisbane – who knows where our cake will appear? That means our challenge is for 26 weeks of passion for cake! We will be starting in Spring and running throughout Summer. Can we do it? Hope so.

What’s your favourite cake?

#cakeporn #eatcake #fun


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